20 March 2014 “Addicted to Plastic”

Where Is The Biggest Garbage Dump On Earth?

Plastic Ocean by United Nations

There are five gyres in the world: north and south of the Atlantic Ocean, north and south of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.
These high pressure gyres are created by weather systems where atmosphere builds up like a mountain, and the heavier weight of atmosphere pushes down on the ocean’s surface, that creates the pressure near the center.

Hawaii is in the North Pacific Central Gyre (Eastern garbage patch).

United Nations Environment Programme

25 Nov 2013 Book 本 ‘current washes ashore’

The book is finally ready!
Current washes ashore 
10cm x 500cm ( 16.7cm x 30pages when it’s folded)
Collaboration between ‘The scope in the swell waves’ by Sachi Miyachi and ‘Repairing earthquake project, third phase’ by Nishiko


Current washes ashore」(海流は打ち上がる)
10cm x 500cm (折ると16.7cm x 30ページ)
宮地幸「The scope in the swell waves」とニシコ「地震を直すプロジェクト第3段階」のコラボレーション作品。

photo: jhoeko
Graphic design: Nishiko and Janneke Hendriks
Edition: 20

2013年4–5月オランダスケベニンゲン海岸でのレジデンシー期間に制作、ハーグGEMAKで開催された’Zeelust – Kustweek Zuid-Holland’展(2013年5月24日−6月2日)で発表したインスタレーションの記録が本になりました。

this publication is documenting the installation ‘Current washes ashore’, shown in the exhibition ‘Zeelust – Kustweek Zuid-Holland’ at GEMAK, 24 May to 2 June 2013, as a result of our residency at Badgast in Scheveningen, the Netherlands.

This publication has been made possible by support from Municipality of The HagueSatellietgroep and GEMAK.
Special thanks to jhoeko and Yuriko Taniguchi.
And super thanks to Janneke Hendriks!

大変お世話になりました!:Janneke Hendriks