Tsukumogami @ Oerol festival 2017


TSUKUMOGAMI will be performed during the Oerol Festival 2017 on the island of Terschelling.
Tsukumogami is about one of the largest natural disasters in Japanese history: the seaquake of 11 March 2011. Nearly 20,000 people lost their life and hundreds of thousands were affected by the disaster. Over 2,500 people are still missing.

Tsukumogami is a co-production of musicians and artists from Japan and the Netherlands. Together they give – from their own artistry and in interaction with nature – a powerful performance of great expressiveness.

Daily performance at the Oerol Festival from 9 until 18 June 2017 at 12:30 and 15:45.

20151016 Plastic bottle ペットボトル

This empty plastic bottle was washed ashore on the beach in Tofino, Canada.

I took it to Watari, one of the tsunami-hit areas and threw it into the bin.

20151003 Tofino (Canada)  トフィーノ(カナダ)


There were many objects washed away in the tsunami in 2011, then washed ashore on the beach of Tofino, Canada. Thanks to the local artist Pete Clarkson and Hisako & Fumina for taking me there.

日本にて Found in Japan

Pete’s installation dedicated to the victims of the disaster.

Book Second Phase, 書籍 第二段階 3 August 2015

Book Repairing earthquake project second phase
13x20cm, 222pages, b/w
Text: Nishiko, Yuu Takehisa (Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito), Dyveke Rood
Photography: Nishiko, Yuhki Yamamoto
Translation: Roxane van Beek, Nishiko
Graphic Design: Ayumi Higuchi, Nishiko
Proofreading: Eri Iwata, Nao Sugaya (JP), Rachel Bacon, Roxane van Beek (EN)

First Edition, August 2015

文: ニシコ、竹久侑 (水戸芸術館現代美術センター)、ディフケ・ロード
写真: ニシコ、山本雄生
翻訳: ロクサーヌ・ヴァン・ベイク、ニシコ
校正: 岩田恵理、菅谷奈緒 (日本語)、レイチェル ベーコン、ロクサーヌ・ヴァン・ベイク(英語)
グラフィックデザイン: 樋口歩、ニシコ

2 015 年8月 初版発行

1 Nov 2013 Otsuka Touna, Higashi-Matsushima 東松島市大塚東名

I started this project from this area. I saw today on GoogleMaps that rice fields in this area have become sea.

How it was before. 以前の様子

*Updated 17 July 2015
The water receded a lot and the map looks similar to how it was before the disaster.

Object #2011_35

15 July 2015
Daan Prevoo from Province Limburg NL is taking care of it until the owner appear. At Province house Limburg with Daan Prevoo, Valentijn and Immy (Marres)
limburg.nl (Dutchオランダ語)
Photo: Provincie Limburg

Where and how I found the shards on 24 Oct 2011 かけらを見つけた場所とそのときのようす (2011年10月24日)

26 Oct 2012

28 Oct 2012

9 Nov 2012

7 Dec 2013
7 Dec 2012 (Photo:Yuhki Yamamoto)

11 Dec 2013

Object #2012_23

24 October 2012

3 November 2012

3 November 2012

15 June 2015

24 June 2015
The foster parent Mrs van Oppen requested a stand. 里親のファン・オッペン夫人はスタンド希望とのこと。

25 June 2015
Mrs van Oppen’s finishing touch. ファン・オッペン夫人による最終調整。