Exhibition Intimacy at Marres (Maastricht NL) 展示 Intimacy at Marres (オランダ・マーストリヒト)

Friendly attention from a stranger in a bar. The stroke of the cashier’s hand when giving change. The silent understanding with a loved one. Intimacy is a much sought after yet hard to find value. It is taken for granted and yet we cherish it as a rarity. We feel intimacy in the body’s safety, in spiritual anchoring, in the love, sex, and attention of those close to us. We experience it in a negative sense when accidentally interupting a situation or conversation not meant for us, or the failed reproductions of intimacy on Facebook, in dating programs or the genre of reality TV. For this exhibition, Marres has invited a number of artists to explore the intimacy embedded within their own practices. It includes work by Amie Dicke, Emily Jacir, Birthe Leemeijer, Keetje Mans, Nishiko, Petra Stavast, Sanne Vaassen and Roy Villevoye.

Alongside the exhibition, Marres is organising a Chambres d’Amis as a tribute to Jan Hoet, who made fame in 1986 by showing artworks in private homes in Ghent. Six artists will create works for homes in the centre of Maastricht. The houses are open to the public during the weekends starting June 27 until July 19 from 12 to 5pm.

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