Object #2011_22 (CD)

Object# 2011_22, CD single ‘Asa ga Mata Kuru’ (‘Morning will Come Again’) by DREAMS COME TRUE, 1999

The CD was found in one of the Tsunami hit areas near former Nobiru Station in Miyagi, Japan in October 2011. An attempt was made to fill in the missing parts of the song, caused by scratches and imperfections on the disc surface. This film is the result of the repair attempt.

オブジェクト# 2011_22、シングルCD(DREAMS COME TRUE 「朝がまたくる」・1999年)。


Book Second Phase, 書籍 第二段階 3 August 2015

Book Repairing earthquake project second phase
13x20cm, 222pages, b/w
Text: Nishiko, Yuu Takehisa (Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito), Dyveke Rood
Photography: Nishiko, Yuhki Yamamoto
Translation: Roxane van Beek, Nishiko
Graphic Design: Ayumi Higuchi, Nishiko
Proofreading: Eri Iwata, Nao Sugaya (JP), Rachel Bacon, Roxane van Beek (EN)

First Edition, August 2015

文: ニシコ、竹久侑 (水戸芸術館現代美術センター)、ディフケ・ロード
写真: ニシコ、山本雄生
翻訳: ロクサーヌ・ヴァン・ベイク、ニシコ
校正: 岩田恵理、菅谷奈緒 (日本語)、レイチェル ベーコン、ロクサーヌ・ヴァン・ベイク(英語)
グラフィックデザイン: 樋口歩、ニシコ

2 015 年8月 初版発行

25 December 2012 ありがとうございました!Thank you very much!


I couldn’t update this blog since a week before the exhibition ended. The pictures I took in the meantime will be updated after I go back to the Netherlands. Anyways the repairing earthquake project’s second phase has finished peacefully. I want to thank everybody who helped me. The conversations I had with the visitors in the exhibition were also extremely valuable for me. My brain is still a mess, so I will try to evaluate it After I go back to the Netherlands, then take a step forward.

07 December 2012 撮影 shooting

Yuhki Yamamoto did the photo shooting just like how he did it last year. Including the objects from the last year; some are changed some are not, he took pictures of about 130 objects. Thanks for Yamamoto kun and Sasaki kun for assisting!