Object #2011_22 (CD)

Object# 2011_22, CD single ‘Asa ga Mata Kuru’ (‘Morning will Come Again’) by DREAMS COME TRUE, 1999

The CD was found in one of the Tsunami hit areas near former Nobiru Station in Miyagi, Japan in October 2011. An attempt was made to fill in the missing parts of the song, caused by scratches and imperfections on the disc surface. This film is the result of the repair attempt.

オブジェクト# 2011_22、シングルCD(DREAMS COME TRUE 「朝がまたくる」・1999年)。


1 Nov 2013 Otsuka Touna, Higashi-Matsushima 東松島市大塚東名

I started this project from this area. I saw today on GoogleMaps that rice fields in this area have become sea.

How it was before. 以前の様子

*Updated 17 July 2015
The water receded a lot and the map looks similar to how it was before the disaster.