14 October 2011

My right thumb looks like this drawing due to an accident happened a few days ago in the studio. I expect that I will gain one more tattoo work.

2 October 2011

ウィーンからアシスタント到着。An assistant from Vienna has arrived.


プラスチック容器、ねじ A plastic container and screws.


金属板(家の外壁の一部?) Metal board (Part of wall of a house?).


お皿 A plate.


家の部品。 A part of a house.


鏡。 a mirror.


どこから初めて行きましょう。今日はさびを取る方法を調べた。Where shall I start from? I checked how to remove rust from metal today.



Hello Japan! People here don’t agree, but it is hot. Sunshine! My studio in Shin-minatomura, Yokohama is set.


dancing cheese reminds me the Netherlands, work by Takako OKUMURA

My empty studio

And it is just next to the sea. It is told that a big after quake is expected in late September. I decided where to run when it happens.But it’s quite scary to imagine..

Evacuation plan without any clue.

より大きな地図で Shin minatomura を表示