06 December 2012 タノさんのランプシェード the Lamp shade from Tanotaiga


This lamp shade which the artist Tanotaiga inherited during his volunteering work in the devastated area. It supposed to be a part of his presentation in Art Tower Mito but it broke on the way to the museum. So I repaired it.

Object #27

24 October 2012

06 December 2012

田中さん閉館間際にありがとうございました。Thank you to Tanaka san for repairing it when you still have to run through other works in the exhibition.

Object #30

24 October 2012

30 November 2012 池田さん写真を、関さん直しをありがとうございました。 Thanks to Ikedasan for taking the photo, Sekisan for repairing.

2 December 2012